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Silat for Takedowns?

I was talking to someone the other day about rounding out my training, and he was telling me he trains in Silat for his takedowns, sweeps and throws. I though Silat was a striking system, and I’ve found nothing online to prove otherwise. Anyone heard of this? Any Silat ever seen in MMA?

I train as a Power lifter, but I have taken up Martial Arts to help in my flexibility which carries over to my powerlifting.

Anyway, I’m still in the learning phase and nowhere near an expert. But, what I have learned in Indonesian Silat which is one of the four styles my academy teaches is take downs and joint locks. Although we use a lot of weapons, the concepts for takedowns can be used with or without weapons. The movements to obtain the advantage is the same.

I haven’t seen any Silat in MMA. All I’ve seen is wrestling take downs or charges to get person down.

Here’s the link to my academy that I attend. Hope this helps: http://www.warriorswaytx.com/

Just about every system out there has some form of takedowns (maybe with the exception of western boxing), Silat is no different. Takedowns aren’t one of the arts fortes though.

I personally wouldn’t choose Silat if I wanted to improve my takedowns, for that I’d go with something like judo, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, really any proven grappling art. I would however take Silat to improve my edged weapons skills as that’s really the art’s best skill set IMO.

For help with take-downs and throws for MMA applications, you’d be further ahead to go with a true grappling dominated style such as wrestling or judo.

Silat incorporates most ranges of fighting plus weapons and moving through/integrating those ranges. Most of the style works with multiple moves (i.e. combos of 3 or so) along a distract-disrupt-destroy philosophy. Some pretty nasty stuff. Emphasis on which range(s) will vary with the instructor. So if you went with standard Silat with the intent to get take-down training, it would be diluted as referenced to your goal (all ranges v one focus). You maybe able to find an instructor for private training in silat and just focus on the take-down/throws but there aren’t too many instructors around outside of certain areas.

Erik Paulson has training and is an instructor from Guru Inosanto in a blend of Kali/Silat but I don’t see too much I can ID as pure Silat in his MMA fights.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.
your not going to find better take downs then those in wrestling, judo or jujitsu if you must. Not to bag on JJ or Bjj but those take downs are very very basic, and most of what you see in MMA is not much better.

I know wrestling is hard to find in the UK but judo Is’nt.

you need to learn

set ups
how to penetrate
how to clinch

Try getting your school or club to fund a trip for an MMA type with good take downs to come and teach them. Clinics and seminars are how many MMA pros make cash.

Here is an old skool vid of the smashing machine

here is a better one of Randy couture working the clinch.

I pick these two vs others because these are solid techniques , even if the material is dated.
Shogun and Ninja have a video out,with takedowns that is equally ancient, but
neither of them has good clean take downs.


Silat, as as I recall, isn’t really a grappling art, it’s a weapons art developed more for combat then sport.

Like someone else said, don’t reinvent the wheel. In a controlled environment that allows for take downs in a one on one ordeal, you won’t find better moves than wrestling or BJJ has, so why bother?

For instance, Goju-ryu had plenty of throws and sweeps, but they wouldn’t exactly translate to an MMA environment because they weren’t intended for sport situations. Kali, escrima, krav maga, certain types of TMA’s, they all fall in the same category (I think) as arts that are primarily striking arts, but integrated simplistic sweeps and throws into them because they were necessary. However, they don’t focus on those aspects because that’s not what they are meant for.

Yeah that’s what I thought. It’s not something I was considering for myself, I was just intrigued to be told it was a grappling style when i thought it was a striking/weapons style. I have a new found interest in unusual TMA/MMA crossovers. That said I am looking for something to complement my BJJ, although I was told not to train judo, but the kind of things I am looking at are the shooters mma gym I posted a thread about, and a reasonably local freestyle wrestling club (although I question the calibre of wrestling in the UK).