Sigur Ros

Any fans out there? I just bought Takk last week, and bought Agaetis Byrjun tonight. I haven’t stopped listening to Takk over the last seven days. This might be the most compelling music I’ve ever listened to. I recommend it highly.


They have some good tunes, I’m not really big on them but I respect them and their odd sound.

yes, i love their music. i used to fall asleep to them every night.

Big Fan, I don’t know many people who listen to them, but I’ve been a fan for the past 5-6 years. Some of the stuff is tough to listen too and really slow, but their more upbeat songs are the shit.

Check out this music video of theirs (NSFW)

If you like those two get Untitled - it’s kind of a combination between the electronic of AB and the symphonic sound of Takk. I love them - seen them 4 times and each time was amazing - on stage waterfall and everything. Glosoli and Saeglopur are brilliant

I’ve been a fan for years, they are excellent.

I’ve heard some of their stuff, I like it but it tends to be too mellow for me and I end up falling asleep.