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Sig's Androsol/Nandrosol Stack

I’m going to try Tim Patterson’s experimental protocol for two cycles(8weeks). Androsol and Nandrosol at 40 sprays of each twice a day. Androsol on my lower body and Nandrosol on my upper body. I am also going to be using Methoxy-7 at 3 Tbsp. a day and Tribex-500, 6 caps twice a day. My starting date was 11-1. Measurments are as follows:
Chest-46 1/4"
Arms-18 1/2"
Calves-16 1/2"

*All measurements taken cold(no pump)

My goal is to get to 250lbs. at 10% bodyfat. This is an increase of 18lbs. of lean body mass. Some challenges I'll face are a recently pulled hamstring, a six day trip to California(eating is a bitch when traveling), and of course the holidays. I've always had great results using Androsol with the traditional high protein, high calorie diet. This time I'm going to try something completely different and use the BodyOpus Diet. I'll post updates every few days on my progress. Any comments good or bad are welcome.