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Signs of suppression?

Are there any tale-tell signs that significant suppression has occurred on cessation of a cycle? Other than smaller balls.

Is it just a case of the more gains you get the more likely your chance of significant suppression?

Do you always need to take some form of post-cycle ancillaries to prevent significant loss of gains?

In this case a 2 week cycle of 20mg D-bol and 20mg M-1-T with no overall mass increase but some fair strength gains e.g. 12.5kg on Bench.

losing muscle, losing strength, feeling like shit, and more importantly lack of boner.

‘More importantly loss of boner’
Should have seen that one coming from the p-dog :slight_smile:

Or should that have read
‘Inability to dry-hump’ :wink:

I don’t know about anyone else here, but post cycle I can judge suppression to “how much do I think about sex/women”, the “morning wood” litmus test, and if I don’t have the desire to jerk off.(Dry humping included, except I always push for the blowjob and use dry humping only in an extreme emergency! The dry-hump-blue-balls are too much to handle.)

dry hump blue balls? wtf are you talking about?

i can bust one off in 52 seconds dry humping!!!

i once dry humped for 52 minutes with no nut. i think i am doing it wrong. to answer the question. testing not included. i like the others just get a feeling for it. whether it be ejaculation volume, sexual desire, feeling tired or run down, or strength loss. you will just get a feeling for it with experience.

Thanks for the info. No probs there then…

Really hope this doesn’t turn into a hi-jacking, but… yeh, the dry-humping thing is… well? Overated. I’d rather have a nice old fashion blowjob! When I blow my load I don’t want to stain my drawers, I want to shoot it all over like a goddamned gyesser! Peace.