Signs of natural T returning

Hey everybody,

How do you guys gauge when your natural T is starting to come back post-cycle. I’ve been off for a couple weeks and doing my follow-up correctly, and i’m getting some acne on my face a bit but more on my shoulders. I’ve noticed pretty much no change in sex drive or anything like that since i came off. So basically my question is whether or not this acne is an indication of T coming back up or is it some sort of a delayed reaction from coming off gear? I ask because i was considering doing like a 2 week bridge with dbol 10mg’s in the morning but i’m now wondering if its even necessary.


as far as acne it could be from the gear you used,since it has only been two weeks i am not sure.what type of gear and what dosages?you could have the last effects of the half life of the gear depending what you used.

as far as acne it could be from the gear you used,since it has only been two weeks i am not sure.what type of gear and what dosages?you could have the last effects of the half life of the gear depending what you used.

Yea, what were you on? two weeks of EQ you’d still be feeling androgens. Two weeks sust, the same thing. But its a good sign that you are not having libido issues. Acne post cycle is from hormone fluctuations, not high t or high E.

best indications for returing T:

  1. morning wood
  2. not getting all sweaty having sex
  3. being able to get horny around pretty much any decent female.
  4. feeling a strong desire to compete.

more then likely the acne is from clomid. assuming your on clomid now. i get acne from clomid every post cycle. i generally can tell when my test is coming back up by my sex drive as well a better sense of well being.

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I was taking EQ, so i assume that it probably is the last little bit of the half life. Follow-up is going good and i havent lost a whole lot of my gains so i’m not going to bother with the dbol. Thanks guys

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The ass/shit talk is pretty disgusting but I will agree with drago1 this one and only time (joke) I too get the acne out break after starting clomid, ITS THE F"N clomid!
As far as signs of returning T, I would say that once you got nice stiff hard regular woods again that would be a good sign.

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