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Signs of Low Test or Hormonal Imbalance?

Hey guys, i have been going through the stuff listed below for a long time and it is starting to worry both myself and the wife, she said i scare her when i get mad, she thinks i may injure myself, or something stupid, and we fight a lot more than ussual

, just wondering if it was in fact signs of low test or some other hormonal imbalance?

  1. Fatigue, tiredness or loss of energy
  2. Depression, low or negative mood
  3. Irritability, anger or bad temper
  4. Anxiety or nervousness
  5. Loss of memory or concentration
  6. Relationship problem with partner
  7. Loss of sex drive or libido
  8. Loss of morning erections
  9. Backache, joint pains or stiffness
  10. Heavy drinking, in the past
  11. Loss of fitness
  12. Feeling over-stressed
  13. Loss of drive and competitive edge
  14. Stiffness and pain in muscles and joints
  15. Falling level of fitness
  16. Decreased effectiveness of workouts

It is to the point where i do not even want to pick up any weights or do anything strenous, I have lost my desire to do things that once made me happy or even interested me.
i am feeling so out of shape and lazzy that i just cannot finish projects when started and it is starting to be a pain in the arse!!

any suggestions?
any reccomendations as to what i should/could take to elevate the symptoms?

only took a few shots of test in 2000, and other than that nothing else but the usuall creatine, and protein stuff, no prohormones that i know of?

all help appreciated

Go get tested and if your low but still within range fight to get treated. I had anger issues to the point I thought I was going to hurt someone and was beginning to think I was bi-polar, I couldn’t go a day without fighting with my wife. Needless to say I still fight with my wife maybe once a week and she’s the one starting it.


was yours low test or something else that had to do with the anger and everything?


I was like 6 points above min. on the reference range given by the lab. As soon as I started the testosterone tx. it took care of the anger issues and when they put me on clomid I felt even calmer.

Sounds like you are depressed. Does your marriage suck? How about your job? Under much stress?


what kind of test? your in cali? north or south? I need to get mine checked and find a great doc who will give me everything!!

maybe i ought to grab the wifes clomid and start poppng huh?

kidding of course

marriage is ok, sometimes sucks and i sometimes would much rather be single again, but my new little guy we just had is awesome! MY JOB SUCKS ASS! I make great money but it DOES NOT buy you happiness! BUT NOTHING MAKES ME HAPPY , AND I DON’T LIKE TO DO THE THINGS I ONCE LOVED TO DO EITHER:(

not a lot of stress, just about as much as i make for myself!!

any suggestions?

There are a number of tests they need to run if you search you can find them, if your worried it might be your testosterone lvl’s they would be the ones to run to at least rule it out.


You really need to find a good Doc.
Not a so-so Doc, but one of hte leaders in the field.

Ck this site out to see what a good one looks like.

Now, finding one closer to your home may take some work. I found one, after looking HARD for about a month.

Google up some “Compounding” pharacies, and HRT or TRT.

On thier sites they usually have a Doc referal link.

They will refer you to a doc in your area the is known to write RX for Testosterone and related meds.

Don’t give up … and don’t settle for anything less than a competent Doc that has YOUR best interests in mind.

Also … not a bad idea to read a lot of Ksman’s posts on here. Great education to be had here.

Good luck…