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Signs of Low Estradial?

What are the signs? I’ve have gotten a couple of headaches that would not go away but I’m not sure if it’s from the anaztrozole.

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My joints hurt, tightness in my chest, felt really dry. Overall felt unhealthy.

Depression and joint pain/stiffness; sometimes, lethargy

How about burning and tingling in the joints?I have high cortisol as well so I am not sure what is what…

So headaches wouldn’t be a sign of low E? I had none of the other symptoms, I actually felt really good except for the headaches that would not go away with even pain killers and lasted all day?
The first one happened a couple days after the 2nd dose the next one happened a few hours after a dose.

Adex tends to make me feel like crap the next day but I think it’s a reaction to the drug itself. You know it if your E2 is really low.

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Well on smaller doeses I have no headaches and I’m already taking it EOD and I’d rather not take it everyday. At 8 drops I got one of those headaches a few hrs later and I was going to go ahead and ride it out a bit past 3 days to see if maybe I was low and see if I hit the sweet spot everyone talks about but noticed my mood swings starting up again so went ahead and took 5 drops.

I’m thinking maybe 5 EOD for a week then increase a drop for each week and try to find it out that way or just take 2 mg in 3 days and just crash my E lvl for sure and try to fine my spot that way. Kinda undecided but I am afraid if getting those damn headaches again.