Signs of High/Low Estrogen Without Testing

I thought it might be helpful to have a collection of high & low e2 signs that we can use when testing is not an option. Let’s add to it and compile a resource of personal experiences for quick reference.

High E2 for me:

  • Body temp goes up
  • Rumination (daydreaming)
  • Skin redness
  • Uncoordinated wired energy
  • Bloated face

Low E2 for me:

  • Lower body temp
  • Lower appetite
  • Low motivation (sleeping more)
  • Muscles are harder

This is one of the best I’ve seen. I also like the home tests for high e2. Like the ring on finger test.

That is good and there are lots of articles - I was thinking having some personal experiences would be beneficial as well

I understand what you are trying to do. But you know you will have people put down what they “think” is high or low e2 symptoms.

So many overlapping symptoms with both extremes of e2. I like the article also because it tries to tell you which symptoms may be definite with low e2 that may not with high e2.


Low Estradiol Symptoms:

  • Fatigue along the lines of sleepiness
  • hypersomnia (sleeping too much and too often)
  • strong erections but limited sensitivity
  • loss of erections
  • osteoporosis and osteopenia
  • joint pain, clicking or popping joints
  • eye fatigue (eyes seem more tired despite adequate sleep, dark circles)
  • loss of libido (interest in sex)
  • difficulty retaining water (constant urination)
  • anxiety, depression, irritability

High Estradiol Symptoms:

  • Soft erections, inability to maintain an erection
  • water retention (less frequent urination), leading to excessive sweating, blood pressure spikes or high blood pressure (from the water retention)
  • insomnia
  • hot flushing (flushing around the ears or on the face)
  • night sweats (from estradiol lowering, causing loss of water retention)
  • bloating; brain fog (like your head’s in a bubble)
  • testicles seem smaller than usual

Here’s a strange one I’ve been experiencing for about a week now…

  • Low body temp especially cold hands and SUPER COLD FEET
  • Low blood pressure
  • Can’t seem to hold correct posture keep reverting to slouched position
  • General “meh” attitude
  • Pumps at the gym are 4/10 of optimal

What is your protocol?

150mg T / Week EOD

I’m far from an expert on the issue, but it sounds like maybe your thyroid is out of whack.

Are you on any E2 control?

Its thought by my doctor that for me in particular testosterone affects my thyroid quite dramatically and whenever I change my dosage of Test and upset the stable state, for the next 6 weeks my body feels colder and my feet noticeably the coldest.

It could also be a change in blood flow which we know testosterone affects greatly.

When my Test was 120 my feet were painfully cold to the point of feeling frostbite like sensation.

Man… you and I are almost the same person haha whenever I post an issue yours are always the exact same issues. I was just thinking today my feet feel like frostbite… I did recently adjust my dosage slightly from 130 to 150 - I was thinking thyroid as well… anything you found that helps to ease these symptoms aside from waiting out the transition period? I’m also looking into non-alcoholic fatty liver disease as a possible cause of my low SHBG with a doc so we’ll see what those findings look like.

No E2 control aside from DIM+CDG which I recently stopped using also random hair loss not receding hair line just thinning at the top

I have this. They picked it up when they MRI scanned me for kidney stones and noticed a fatty liver.

For me am about 185 pounds. When I gain weight ( not muscle I guess) and get closer to 200 pounds my liver enzymes get elevated.

Btw my triglycerides have been elevated Most of my life.

So basically if I get fat am in trouble.

Started vitamin D 5,000iu /day for past two days and body temp is up and feet are no longer frostbit…

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