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Signs of Gyno?


I'm on my first Test E cycle and I am worrying that gyno might be coming on.

Currently I'm on my 5th week, taking 250 mL twice a week. Also on injection days (monday-thursday) I take 12.5 mg of Exemestane. Today, I felt one of my nipples tingle. It went away after about ten minutes and I don't feel lumps or anything of that sort but I am still worried. I have Tamox and Clomid on hand.

What do you guys think I should do?



First cycle = too much panic about gyno.

If your nipples start itching and hurt when you touch them (like sticking needles), you should start taking an AI or increase the dosage asap.

When I'm on cycle I do the following for testing on gyno:

stand up right and hold your one arm completely stretched upwards. Your pec will now become stretched and with your other hand you can check your nipple area more easily for lumps.

If you focus too much on tingles you'll start imagining things.

When your AI is legit and you get the dosage right, you'll be fine.


I think it was all in my head too. As soon as I felt something, I started feeling for lumps for like an hour straight and then felt some irritability.

Just do be safe I did an extra 20 mL of Tamox yesterday and today.


are you sure you're using the right units here? 250 mL of a fluid is quite a bit...at 250 mL twice a week, you are downing a 2 liter bottle of test every month....that sounds like quite a bit to be injecting