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Signs of Gyno, Too Late for E Blocker?

I’ve been on sustanon for 3 weeks now and exactly the day before it was 3 weeks I’ve been getting this weird zapping feeling in my right nipple. I looked at it and there’s a small lump, I’m about to hop on my e blocker. Will the e blocker remove this bump for sure or once gyno is there it’s stuck. Also was this too late to hop on an e blocker?

Never too late. If you don’t get any results try letrozole. It got rid of my lumps but it may crash your E

Not too late. When I started TRT I got pea sized lumps. After getting my E2 in check they shrunk and are no longer noticeable. Just becareful with the anti-E as you don’t want to crash your E2. Its miserable.