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Signs of Coming Off

currently getting blood work is impossible for where I live so I’ve been wondering if the gear brand I’ve switched to is plain bunk.
I was shooting 350mg test e weekly since 2 months ago and at 10th of November I swapped brands and ever since I’ve felt like the gear is gone from my body.
I’ve only done 1 cycle in the past and I don’t really remember the feeling of coming off.
could I possibly be injecting bunk test since 10th of this month? what would be the telltale signs of it?

Honestly…unless you found your source by googling “buy illegal sterons” it’s hard to imagine getting bunk test. You have to go out of your way to get it, frankly.

I would agree it just to cheap to make. Although could very well be under dosed. Now drugs like masteron Anavar hard to find them and not be test are something cheap to fill the vial.