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Signing Your Post.


Do people not realize than on an internet forum, ones user name is displayed directly to the left of their post?




I like the way how bushidobadboy signs all his post BBB

anyway, who cares?


I never sign.

Nope, still didn't sign.


What if it's someone like me?



You know what grinds my gears? You America.



And just when I thought we had nothing left to complain about....


(but my friends call me Chris)


Same with people signing their emails. WTF, I know who sent it, it's right there in your email address.



What about Hawaii? Most of us are polynesian also??


+1 for the polynesians


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Christine, your legs are fabulous.






It's definitely fitting where the sun is shining from.


That was very informational. Thank You.

Professor Tiberius Alexander Ronald Johnson Hewitt Maximus Tanner Robert Harris Jason Patrick Kurt Martin Bartholomew Michael Robinson Arabius Xavier III


I see why you changed it to X.


Parents a little indecisive?


Haha I have always signed just V



Small Hijack, X is that a custom Iron Dwarf made Avatar? Looks like his style, anyways it's pretty sweet.

Christine, that is perhaps one of the best pictures I have ever seen, did you try to get the sun to come through like that or was it pure chance. Looks something like a gift from god, I'm hearing that music when I look at it, you know, like when King Arthur pulled the sword from the stone? Yea it's magical.




I was wondering this as well.


word the face looks a split between Camron and Ving Rhames