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Sign the Petition Against Internet IDs!


Sign the petition against internet IDs! Also if anyone can post this message on other internet forums they are active on, please do so.


No Mandatory Internet IDs!

Did you hear that Commerce Secretary Gary Locke just announced that he's developing virtual national ID cards for Internet users? The program's called the "National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspaceâ?? and the draft proposal indicates that we'd be forced to use the IDs for any online transactions with the government, and for online interactions with businesses that use them.

If the system is fully implemented you'd have one centralized Internet profile instead of separate logins and passwords for different sites, making it even easier to track your online activity. Will you take a stand for Internet privacy by signing on at right?

PETITION TO GARY LOCKE: The government doesn't have the right to force Americans to use Internet ID cards. The government and private industry should be required to maintain non-ID card options for people who want to protect their privacy!
Sign on today -- just add your name at right.

For more information about the proposal, take a look at this analysis by our friends at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


I've been doing this for awhile now. It's safe, and somehing I support.