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Sign Petition Against SOPA


everyone should go and sign the petition against the SOPA act and save the freedom of the internet

currently on googles homepage just click the black box


Wikipedia is engaging in NGO cyber-terrorism. Regardless of SOPA, google has been asked to comply with copyright/intellectual property law and has refused. SOPA wouldn't be needed if they co-operated with authorities. Their excuse for why they can't is nonsense because they already do co-operate in the same way regarding child pornography sites.

They want to keep their Red Chinese and Russian customers happy otherwise they will lose some money. They're worried about their sites being shut down so they shut wikipedia down in protest? It's nonsense. It's NGO cyber-terrorism.


The government will fix it. For sure, the government will take care of this in a completely neutral manner, and will not make the internet less free and open. They do such wonderful work in all other aspects of my life.


Who just shut down one of the largest sites on internet? The government? No, the NGO that is complaining about the potential of their sites being shut down. They have been obstructing government efforts to make them comply with copyright/intellectual property law for years. They should abide by the law and SOPA wouldn't be necessary.


Oh no, the owner of a site decided to shut their own site down. Where is the government to stop this shit asap. Things may not be perfect on the net, but you are fucking crazy if you think more gov is the answer.


For those who don't understand the consequences of this bill read this: http://blog.reddit.com/2012/01/technical-examination-of-sopa-and.html

If this bill, or PIPA, goes through it's just another step towards total governmental control.

So many people on PWI who shout freedom! and harp about american values yet know nothing about this, or simply don't care due to a lack of knowledge.

Wake up.


The posters here only care about freedom of speech when they agree with the speech.


PWI may be a lost cause, but these bills affect everyone, and when I say everyone I mean:


I didn't say more government is the answer. In fact I'm against SOPA. I'm explaining some of the realities behind it.


My apologies


No need to apologise. I welcome any disagreement and encourage everyone to question everything. I don't claim to be correct about everything. I've learned a lot here from people I disagree with.


It is not terrorism to shut your own site down. Don't be retarded.

Do you have any proof? AFAIK google complies with all US court orders. And they also comply with DMCA takedowns. As a copyright holder I have issued a few DMCA takedown notices because my videos were being used on youtube without my permission. Youtube (aka Google) took down the videos within a few hours.

Because child pornography sites are illegal. And they are easily identifiable. On the other hand sites like thepiratebay are not illegal in many countries (including the US). Nor is determining copyright ownership as easy as identifying child pornography.

If a US court told Google to remove search results pointing to thepiratebay then Google would. But linking to thepiratebay.org is not illegal. Copyright infringment is a civil matter.

No. Everything you have posted has been nonsense. Do you know why wikipedia is protesting? No...? Then shut the fuck up.

Wikipedia allows internet users to edit pages. Now what happens if someone edits an obscure page on wikipedia and puts up a copyrighted image that he didn't have permission to use? SOPA says that the person who owns the copyrighted image can shut down all of wikipedia.

I'll put it into a T-Nation context: If you, SexMachine, post a picture in this thread that you don't own the copyrights to, and I, the creator of the picture find out about it I CAN SHUT DOWN ALL OF T-Nation. Bam. No more T-Nation.

For example your display picture. Did you ask the creator (RaggedShirts) of the image if you could make a copy or link to it? Did they put on their website that you were allowed to use it (e.g. creative commons licenced it)? If not then you are violating their copyright.

When someone copy-pastes a news article (and I can see it in quite a few T-Nation pwi threads) they are violating copyright unless the newspaper/writer gave them permission to copy the text. So based on these existing threads if SOPA passes then T-Nation could be shut down without any sort of due process. Because some idiots copied and pasted more than they are allowed to.


Glad to see you came to your senses.


Your best bet is to write your congressman or senator.

I wrote mine (there is an online messaging service for every member of congress)...I received a response from Rep. Rob Bishop two days later informing me that he will oppose both SOPA and PIPA (Theft of Intellectual Property Act).

He believes that SOPA is far to broad reaching...and that courts should regulate theft of property.


My only hope is my knowledge that government is so inept at anything it does (except for stealing, killing, and promoting itself) that there is no way anything will come of SOPA....especially since the interwebz will just take a new form.

There are entrepreneurs already working on this.


Thank goodness for free speech. It makes it so much easier for us to identify who it is we do not want to associate with.


He is right!

Revoke their citizenship and FUCK THEM UP!!!!!



Get with the program comrade.

They are holding pixels hostage.




Contacted both my senators and congressman. Have not gotten their response yet.