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Sight Beyond Sight


So with all of the cartoon threads lately I'm surpised I haven't seen one about the new ThunderCats starting on July 29th.

I grew up loving the original series and after looking into the new one it looks promising!
They have some talented people on the creative side putting it together and from what I've seen its a prequel to the original. They also bring back all of the original characters.

I guess Cartoon Network is going to replay a bunch of the old series prior to the 29th to get the buzz going. What do you guys think? Is this sacrilege, or are you looking forward to checking it out?

Here is avid for those who haven't seen it yet:


Looks like the mutants won't be "evil" but mistreated by the cats at least that was the impression I got as Lion-O and his "brother" Tigra went to help one of them and was attacked themselves by a mob meh modern animation sux compared to 80's Sunbow and Rankin Bass, filamation was shite though.



Bring back Alf...



As a cat hater - I hated thundercats. Until I realized how awesome the show was at the time (nothing else on).


Yeah that one trailer seemed a bit soft. I want to see the whole thing before I pass the ultimate judgment. It looks better than many other crappy remakes though. I mean this was horrible:


I watched a mini marathon of the old series this past Sunday. It brought back some good memories but also reminded me how ridiculous some of the dialogue was. Still great memories non the less.

Some dialogue outtakes:


Seriously?? THAT was a real cartoon? Cats?
Looks lame.

But that "outtakes" vid looks funny.


Perhaps birds are more to your liking?

Or Fish??

But you know what? I'd take any of those cartoons over the Voltron remake

Look upon that bitches!!!


Bring back Samurai Pizza Cats and Street Sharks...


Biker Mice from Mars FTW!


I knew Mattel was producing a new Voltron Toy line, didn't know there was a new cartoon as well. I think SDCC preview night is tomorrow, so Friday and Saturday we should be getting tons of info about future cartoons.


Cartoons already on Nick it sux bad unwatchable the animation is so bad it's that cheap computer stuff


Thundercats were in back in the time. I also, liked Danger Mouse.


That explains it. I haven't watched cable in months, not even to watch the stuff on my DVR. Been streaming everything thru Netflix, even the original US release of Voltron.


Man, Thundercats was my favorite show when I was a kid, I thought it was the best shit ever. Then I got the DVDs of the first two seasons a couple years ago, and I sadly realized how lame it was. The shows are unintentionally hilarious now in how cheesy they are.

I also think Mumm-Ra was one of the worst villains ever, though. He got his ass kicked every single episode by a bunch of cats (and sometimes even by minor characters or lesser villains), but then he just laughed and said "mwa-ha-ha, I'll be back". Back for what? To get your ass kicked again? The ever living source of evil should have more balls, even for a kids show.

Also: That outtakes video above made me laugh my ass off!


Jeesh ID you never watched Thundercats? Oo

Thundercats was round about the time of He-Man, Robotech, Dungeons & Dragons (the mob who never did get home...), Transformers...

damn that was a good era!


I was in a band, getting laid, and making big paintings at that time. I'm an old dude.



Ah, I didn't think you were that much older than me to be honest. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fair enough. Missing rock gigs so you could watch cartoons with pussy probably wouldn't have gotten you much in the way of genuine pussy. =P