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SIG P220: This Gun Rocks


This gun fucking rocks. If you need to buy a 45, get this weapon. It gives me a boner just looking at it's sexy badness.


you give me a boner.

it's a great gun. i prefer the XD simply for the 5 extra rounds you get to carry.


If you want to give me some SIG money, I'd be happy to do that. Since I don't have SIG money, I'll stick to my Springfield XD. I've got the 9mm model and I like it a lot. When I get some cash, I'm going to get the .45.




thanks gab. just freaking take everything i say and pass it off as your own


I'm still in love with my Colt 1911. The new one has a rail, which is great because I could use a gun with a light to keep on my nightstand.


You're welcome, but I didn't say anything about gay sex with therizza. You can keep that part.


Get some 10 round mags for it. :slightly_smiling:


Yeah it IS a great gun. Sigs are rock solid and my personal fav. The capacity on this gun leaves something to be desired though. Glock or XD are good choices for a high-cap .45. Also check out H&K or if you like 1911's: Para Ordinance P-14.


I was thinking of making a purchase on a P220, but am undecided. Does anyone have experiance with the HandK USP's?


How much do you consider "Sig Money"? Mine was $745 base price + $50 for the tritium sites. (Since I wanted to be all tactical and shit). Total came out to be like $830 with tax.

The indoor range I shoot at while at home has some for $1100, so I'm guessing I gotta pretty good deal.


When I handled one I wasn't too fond of the trigger. Extra magazines are also expensive and can be difficult to find. One other gun you may want to consider is the HK45. Its size is more in line with other models and it has a standard piccatany (sp?) rail which opens up options for weapon lights if you care to have one. I'm pretty sure all the controls are ambidextrous as well, which helps if you or any shooter you know is a lefty.

Now if size is no big deal, yet another option is the FNP-45 from Fabrique Nationale. It has a comfortable grip and 16 rounds of .45ACP goodness.


Yeah, that's a good deal. I've never seen one for under a grand.


Ok thanks. When I go to the shop Ill check if they have a FNP-45 to try out. I didnt know that was the same company that made the SCAR AR.


dude the SCAR is pure sex. got to see the 'heavy' verson of it, freaking sexual.


Well, since you live in the great state of Virginia like myself... the company was Innovative Tactical Solutions if you're interested.


damn you lucky sonofa. by 'heavy' do you mean like a higher caliber, 7.62?


The name's familiar, they in NorVA?


Yep. Out Rt 50 a bit.


yeah. pretty sweet man, supposedly you can switch out the upper's really fast and go from CQB, to carbine, to sniper length in the matter of minutes and with no tools, though i just got to see the carbine length.

why did my shit about the .45 go away? oh well