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Sientific Content Analysis - Polygraph

Does any body know about Sientific Content Analysis - Polygraph?
Has anyone had one when they competed in a Natural Show?
I am curiuos to know how people in a certain Natural Pro show in Australia beat the test, these guys are freakin hugh!

I have taken multiple polygraphs for ‘natural’ contests. Some were legitimate, but lately they seem to be just a few minutes long, which detracts from their validity. If they don’t conduct them in the proper fashion, or if they are just random, the show will most likely contain some ‘enhanced’ competitors.

Most likely an attempt to convince outsiders that it’s truly natural, and to scare contestants into complying.

If they were truly serious, how about a blood test?

And it’s “scientific”, with a “c”.

grandma was an English teacher her whole life, what can I say…