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When I look in the mirror there is one thing above all else that screws with my symetry. I am pretty thin and can still see my rib cage, and my left side sticks out less than my right. It gives the appearance of a bigger love handle. I have a feeling this is one big reason why my left side is weaker than my right. Could this be a weakness of the traps? I know that some people have traps that come out from around there waist but this is not the case with me. Another thing I thought about was when i was doing more ab work awhile back, it seemed to look a bit better. I guess the problem might be a weakness of the abs, allowing the rib cage to do whatever the hell it pleases. Should I work more on traps and abs to correct this or is there anything else you can think of?

The problem most likely is that you’re out of alignment. Without looking at you it’s hard to say but typically this can be caused by either mild scoliosis (spinal curvature), one hip might sit higher then the other, or one leg might be longer than the other. Have someone view you from behind to assess your symmetry. A good book for postural analysis and correction on the topic is Muscles: Testing and function by Kendall and McCreary

it could be your lower abs.
I think i may have the same problem but i’m not sure

Woops. Meant lats, not traps.