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Sides Through the Roof!

last week I was smiling like a clown and besides happy, people probably thought I was a looney, this week the smallest things pisses me off, I couldnt even train today instead I got drunk to take the edge off.

I’m on a gram of sustanon ED inject, 5 weeks in now. The only difference is I went from liquid shit adex to actual tabs that were shipped from India somewhere. Still in the box, with the pop out packs. The med is called Altraz (1mg Anastrozole tablets).

I have no pain in the joints, I’m real moody. so A) the shit is bunk, but looks extremely like the real thing, B) E is too low, but on a GRAM of test per week is that even possible?

guna continue 1mg a day of this new “adex”. Experienced input would be appreciated.

1mg Adex ED is way to much IMO, you were probably fine using 1mg ED liquid research Adex because it is weaker,

I would drop down to 0.5mg EOD, then up the dose as and if necessary. I have used 0.5mg EOD on a gram of test a week and had no problems.

With letro, being a jackfuck retard, I have absolutely OBLITERATED my E levels on 1500mg test a week and 50mg/dbol a day.

Thats over 2 grams of heavily aromatizing steroids, and dbols methyl estrogen compounds are especially potent even compared to normal estrogen…and I killed it, horribly.

I was experimenting with trying to completely eliminate water retention on the above ^^^, which was a stupid plan to begin with, and due to incorrect math, I overdosed myself dramatically.

No sex drive, no energy, muscle fullness was flat, joints were barely functional, emotions were fucked.

You get the idea. I was younger, I was stupid, I got cocky.

Its possible, even pretty easy with letro if you get stupid. Even with adex if your an over-responder, it could easily hhappen.

better today, back to normal self. I guess its a trial and seeing what works for each of us. I’ll try .5 for the next few days. Good post Westclock, on lerarning ourselves emotionally as we go along with this game. I agree 100% and often have to remind myself not to let emotions get out of control because of what is running through me at the time.