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Sides, Is This Normal?

My first month of my cycle is over. So far gains have been as expected, I am running 150mg deca and 300mg enan e3d with 40mg o/t ed. Sides include erratic bp example, as low as 110/70 to as high as 176/100, started getting lump in chest went to 20mg nolva ed lump not as bad but still there, is this enough nolva?

Also seem to feel warmer all the time not sick just warmer maybe slight fever, what the hell is that all about? Never had so many sides before. Is this normal? Thanks for all the input so far guys.

The extra warmth that you are feeling is considered a usual side effect and likely attributed to your blood pressure fluctuations. The fluctuations that you are having I have not heard of before.

20 mg of nolva is enough for most to push away gyno like symtoms, however everyone is different. A product like letro is much stronger and better for someone that is more prone to gyno.
Have you used all of these compounds before? Stacked them together?
See YA

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bp upon waking up yesterday morning 120/71 mid afternoon 113/69 before bed 166/90. Some days are better than others, but basically seems to be high before bedtime, started to take hawthorn berry along with niacin and my script for hydrochlorothyazide,bp seems to be getting better than when just taking the meds. Thanks for your replies.

170/100 is definitely high, even for someone taking a stimulant. and while your BP will fluctuate throughout the day, 60 systolic and 30 diastolic are not normal

IMO you should drop the OT. I say this because it has the least consistant effect on your physiology because of it’s short half-life. The test-e and deca E3d should keep your blood levels fairly stable but adding the OT might be throwing your body off as the levels of the drug peak and trough.

That’s just a guess and I’m not an expert, it seems logical though. Let’s see what others have to say.

I will drop the O/T, and post the B/P results in the next few days. Thanks.

B/P’s as follows,june 5 12:25 A.M. 151/85 june 6 12:25 A.M. 157/76 9:45 A.M. 135/74 june 7 10 A.M. 121/74 june 8 12:40 A.M. 136/74 12:25 P.M. 151/74 june 9 11;20 A.M. 123/75. Not feeling the warmness as much anymore, but the gyno is still tender to the touch,but not near as bad as it was, thinking of upping the nolvas to 30 mg ed.

Also bumped the enan to 375mg e3d and the deca to 225 e3d, is this a decent test to deca ratio?