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Sides from Test e 400mg/Wk


Hi, I’m on my first cycle of Test e at 400mg/wk. first couple of weeks were good but i started to notice my sex drive decreasing along with libido. It was on and off at first but today was bad(6th week) and I’ve also been very moody with facial bloating (moon face). Im assuming its because my e2 is too high. I have aromasin on hand, and I’m thinkinng about 12.5mg E3D. At BW 174lbs should my dose be higher or lower? Thanks


You’re only using test? What’s your bf like


Probably 7%


E2 is probably high but you need labs to be sure.


ever think of running HCG with your test?


i thought about it but im broke


Thats not a great answer for this type of lifestyle. You’re talking about you’re body and health here. Test shuts down your natural creation of testosterone. your balls, which could be thought about, to help keep them producing some naturally HCG is needed. this will not only keep them from shriveling up, it will keep you good to go, and allow for a much easier bounce back when you start your PCT. Id start taking some adex or whatever you have on hand now for sure. what are you going to run for your PCT?
HCG would cost at most 200 bucks to get you thought a cycle. next time think to yourself “is my balls worth 200 dollars?”


Our friend from Canada is absolutely correct. Your balls are worth at least $200. If you’re broke then you don’t run a cycle. Before you can pay for gear you need to be able to pay for food, ancillary drugs, food, more food, and probably some food, too. If you can’t pay for the food and the ancillaries then you can’t pay for gear. A test cycle is “cheap” insofar as the test itself is cheap. But the cost of everything else is what makes any cycle pricey. Prioritize my friend.

And yes, 12.5mg EOD is probably a fine dosage. I’d actually go E3D at first and see if that gets you feeling better. You don’t want to go from high e2 to low e2 because you’ll still feel like shit. And since you don’t know how your body will respond to aromasin you’re going to want to be cautious at first.


Okay well i fucked up but I wont next time. I have arom on hand im feeling fine running 12.5mg eod. Pct is clomid only but I havent figured out dosages yet. What do you think? Im currently 176 lbs 7% BF 5’11 and am running test e 400mg/wk for 10 wks


Clomid for four weeks 50/50/25/25 is usually enough for most guys.


thanks brother. If its not enough what sides will I get? Also should i run aromasin thru pct?


It should be enough to recover. Without pre cycle blood work it’ll be hard to know what your recovery is though. You’re not going to feel great during pct, and you probably won’t feel great in the few weeks after. It’ll take time for your body (and your mind) to return to homeostasis.

I wouldn’t recommend taking an AI after your cycle is over. You’re trying to coax your body back into a more natural state (by using a SERM) and the use of something like aromasin can hammer your e2 pretty quickly in the abscence of exogenous testosterone.


and to clarify. 50/50/25/25 means 50mg everyday for 2 weeks and then 25mg everyday for 2 weeks?


My libido is still quite low after being on arom 1.5mg eod since i made this post. Its also hard to maintain an erection unless im 100% focused. So switching positions/putting a condom on cause me to lose it. Other then this i dont really have any sides of low or high e2. I don’t know what to do


You spent six weeks with no AI, and your libido decreased as time went on. It’s not going to snap back overnight, you know? If you can’t maintain an erection while on 400mg of test—and you had no prior ED issues—then something is wrong. It’s probably still your e2 and it may take more time to get back to an optimal range for you. If two weeks from now you’re still having issues then you’ll need to get blood work done, broke or not.