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Side Profile Deadlift Technique Critique


Please let me know what you think. Am 20lbs off a 400lbs lift currently and the weight just didn't budge so dropped the weight to build up again over next weeks. The weight in the video is 120 kg .




I would suggest sitting back just a little bit more. You want your shoulders to be directly over the bar at the start and you want your weight to stay on your heels. I'm guessing you might have done some Olympic lifting, which has different mechanics for the pull. One principle that applies is not rushing the first part of the pull. Pull the slack out of the bar to help emphasize tightness in your body. Also post a video with heavier weight because a heavier load will clarify deficiencies in technique.


Thanks for the reply. Do you mean sit back more or pivot whole stance slightly back once gripped the bar to shift the weight on to the heels?


Looks pretty good. I would agree its hard to tell with the weight being light.