Side Press vs Bent Press

Ok, to someone who knows, this is going to sound like a dumb question, but what is the difference between a side press and a bent press?

The side press is almost a see-saw motion. Your body tilts downs while you’re pressing up. There’s more coordination/timing to press while doing a side bend-movement.

The bent press (as I learned at a Mike Mahler KB seminar last year, thanks Coach!!), has the arm being more static, holding position while the torso drops down. Once you’ve hit your max depth, it finishes with almost an extension of the tris, not so much a press.

Personally, I’ve been on a bent press kick for the past month or two. I worked up to a 72.5 DB for a single on each arm. Good enough for me…for now.

Ok, I saw someone on dragon door doing a bent press, but the bent forward at the waist. Is this just another variation?

Also I read something (can’t remember where) about doing a side press, then just doing reps from the side bend position. Has anyone else heard of this? I very easily imagine some of the old schoolers do something like this. This variation is of particular interest to me because I already have a thick and pretty strong midsection and I don’t want my obliques to get any thicker at the moment. Can anyone see any advantage of this variation?

The “bend” is performed to the front. In reality it is more of a fold then a bend. Concentrate on folding at the hips. Learning to do windmills first will help you get the folding down as this is the easiest of the three moves to perform. As stated earlier in the bent press you try to hol the weight static and push yourself away or under it. A good pointer is to keep your lat flexed the whole time. Have fun these are great moves.