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Side Press Form

The side press instruction in

is somewhat similar to Pavel Tsatsouline’s description in “Power to the People”, but the pictured exercise sequence from the two sources are quite different. Does “side press” refer to a specific exercise or there several different ways to perform it?

A military press with one dumbell is where you stay bolt upright (‘at attention’) & a side press is where you sort of duck your body under it. It’s similar to doing a jerk but you don’t use your legs. To do it that way you need to lean a bit forward & to the side, so it’s called a side press.

Funny you should mention this. This was discussed on the dragondoor forum. The explaination was that they T-mag model had just learned the movements before the shoot so he didnt do them as good as he could have if he would have had some practice before hand.

Greg, thanks for the clarification. Drax, I believe when you duck under the bar (the bar stays at roughly the same altitude throughout the movement) you’re doing the bent press. Then again, the definition for “bent press” is also fairly confused, see: www.iowastrong.com/bentp.html The “bent press” on the Iowa site looks like a bent press + Turkish get up combo.