Side Knee Popping During Squats

My cousin started lifting with me two days ago and when he went to squat for the very first time he noticed that something, like a ligament maybe, pops out of place when he squats down. As soon as he stands up it pops back in. I have uploaded a video (if it worked) showing this happening on the side of his right knee. More towards the bottom of his knee.

Any advice on just about anything. From what this is and how will this affect his lifting to treatments etc? We will go get it checked soon but wanted to see if anyone knew what this was.

He feels no pain but says it feels really weird.

Thanks for your help in advance


The video’s not showing up.

Usually if it doesn’t hurt, a doctors going to tell you it’s not an issue. My elbow tendon snaps/moves weird now after surgery, but the doc/PT both said if it doesn’t hurt then there’s nothing to worry about. Still go get it checked, but just be warned the only thing they’ll likely do is tell him to not do the movement that’s causing the snap.

try again?