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Side Effects

I am 30 years old and have been training for about 6 years I weigh a lean 195 at 5"10. here lies my problem i want to add another quality 10 pounds at least and i know from my past that test,d-bol and tren and generally the strong andro’s do the best job and i also like them the best, however my last cycle (2 year’s ago) i stayed on way to long that resulted in some hair loss and acne scars on my chest. becausr of this i have refrained from usage, and now i feel like i am strugling just to maintain. this time i am designing a 10 week cycle and will include arimidex or proviron instead of the usual clomid.I was also thinking of taking accutaine (acne)and (proscar)hair loss. will they interact badly with cycle. oops! almost forgot here is my planed cycle

d-bol 40mg day wk 1-4
test e 300mg wk 1-8
deca 500mg wk 1-10
winn or tren wk 6-10
arimidex 30mg day wk 9-12

you see i droped the test to 300 to reduce side effects hopefully and kept the deca this time to harden up the exess water weight and will probaly use winn but i guess the point of all of this is to reduce side effects i ran for 6 months last time and learned my lesson also will femara help anymore or is it like arimidex. and is there any other stacks out there that will give me the same size without the andros.

If you have already had issues with juice, why would you juice again? Take a week off, plan an intense program, supplement correctly and work hard. Do you really wanna risk further injury? Post me your workout I will happily help you improve naturally without further health risk.

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i understand that deca stays in your system longer and i also know that you can’t bulk up and slim down but i would like to end my cycle lean as i am pretty lean right now.i was thinking start pct while i was still on the deca (the last week before i get off the deca) and hopefully i will loose the water and end up pretty defined or is all of this a bunch of b.s. i red this idea on another forum. but what i really want to know is can i still get as good of results by not using test at all i mean i know eq and deca are basically the same but could i still run those togerther or would that be pointless any other sugestions