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Side Effects Top Dawg Diet


Wishing to start the Top Dawg Diet but I was wondering about any possible side effects of the diet, both short and long term, and if anyone knows about the loss of calcium through this diet and if this is something that should be supplemented on the side.

Going from Top Dawg Diet post on this website it says to take in only 100 grams for carbs on workout days and only 70 grams for non work out days, yet maintain a 3000 or 2800 calorie intake. I am finding this to be very hard and do not understand how this can possibly be met.



Side effects. Body comp changes, better health and eating habits.

How do you keep the k/cals up and carb at 70 or 100. Eat more protein and fat.


If you fill your diet with the foods listed on the diet, you will not miss the carbs. As for mineral loss such as calcium - take a daily multi vitamin.

Fat is king, buddy. Healthy fats are anyhow.

T-Dawg 2.0 allows for more carbs than the 100/70 on the original t-dawg, though. SO yo might check it out as well.


Uh, Rainjack those carb recommendations ARE from T-Dawg 2. The original T-Dawg only had 30 and 70.