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Side Effects on Axiron?


My dr just gave me a free sample bottle of axiron.. and am on day 5 and having small itchy bumps on my chest ( i am applying the axiron to my armpits) - also slight head and stomach ache.

any idea how long before this calms down? and do other topicals have less skin irritation? i thought most of the irritation was supposed to be at the application site but that is not where the issue is for me. any thoughts or others experience? thanks


I did axiron, 4 pumps daily for a month. I never got itchy bumps. I never really felt my T go up much either.


did you find something that worked for you? i read on line that someone put lotion on after axirion and that helped absorption..

i seem to be getting bumps and headaches ..


Not yet, but I might be going on test enanthate soon. I found that axiron didn't help for me (probably due to estrogen being too high).