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Side Effects of TRT?


I was just wondering what kind of negative side effects you guys have experienced on TRT. I have been on TRT for over a month now and I am not sure if some of the stuff I am experiencing is from the test or what. I am having some irritation in my gums not sure how to fix this issue.

Also my sex drive has decreased, when i started the test my sex drive was through the roof even with my total test at 175. Also I have had the feeling that I am coming down with a cold or something for over 2 weeks and this could be attributed to the weather change but after a shot if feels like I get worse then better until the next one. I wonder if these things should go away over time (gum irritation).

Even with all of this being said, the positives far outweigh the negatives. I feel better, my depression and anxiety issues have gone away. I am stronger in the gym, I sleep better, my overall mood is much better and I am generally a much calmer person than before. I am very pleased with the overall outcome of starting TRT, i just wish that my sex drive would go back to normal.


so is your doctor monitoring your estradiol levels?
what about your cortisol, TSH, DHT, ferritin, etc. results?

all of those can easily impact your libido.


I am going back to the doctor on December 6th to get my bloodwork done. Hopefully they can figure out something to kick my drive back in.


Once I got my aromasin/adex regimen figured out, my libido shot up...it is a fine balancing act and I think I am almost dialed in...no idea what my E2 levels are but once I am constant with the dosing and feel good, I will go get it checked for future reference in case it slides in the fture...


Read the stickies, all of this is there.