Side Effects of TRT?

I’m beginning to research this…have been diagnosed with low test…

Are there any side effects of taking test? hair loss/ body hair, etc? Already have a good amount of body hair, too much that is.

I remember years ago when I talked to an endo he said (because I seemed pretty muscular even though my test was like 300) “testosterone is a funny thing…maybe your body just doesn’t need that much.”. Was he just spouting complete nonsense?

Now, more than ever I have the side effects though, low libido, depression, low energy, difficult to work out hard and recover (just feel exhausted the next day)., etc.

At first I was thinking just clomid would keep things going and raise T, but this seems frowned upon…

Not sure where to get hcg…hopefully the doctor will prescribe it. If he doesn’t, I guess I’ll try to do some kind of thing or something. I’d want to get prescriptions for stuff if I could.

What are the downsides of using gels vs. injectibles? I have a hard time seeing a doctor giving me carte blanche to inject at home…although this SC injections seems interesting. I would guess injections would give a slower steadier release?

I’m eager to get some blood work done…and to talk to the endo…oct 1st is the doctor appt.

Side effect…red blood cell increase possible (donate blood to solve.)

Testis shrink (hcg to solve)

Many buy HCG overseas or compounding pharmacy.

Try gel first…if you absorb it well, it is a good choice…but it could raise e2 and dht. (Blood tests necessary to check the effect).

Get thyroid checked first. If thyroid is compromised, don’t bother with the gel/cream route. And btw, injectable test will raise DHT and E2 also, so no solution is perfect but proper management can find the happy place on TRT.

Check the adrenals first then thyroid then sex hormones. Looking at lifestyle, sleep hygiens, proper nutrition, daily stresses, environmental toxins all play a huge part in the overall picture. If have high RBC to begin rule out hemochromatosis and sleep apnea before going on TRT. IF you need a skilled HRT specialist and your are in the northeastern USA or willing to travel PM me for reference.

Adrenals? How do you check that? I’m not sure what they produce other than cortisol and adrenaline.

What is sleep hygiens? I think I sleep prett well, don’t snore.

What is RBC?

Thanks for advice.

RBC= red blood cells.