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Side Effects of Thermogenics?

My question about thermogenics is what can b possible side effects as does every supposed fat burner has them. A lil history for those who dont know is that thermogenics are supposed to b the latest and greatest fat burner out now.

What they r meant to do is flood ur system with calorigenics such as caffiene and catechins thus forcing ur body to increase its core temp causing it to stay in a lipid burnin state longer as opposed to forcing the body to first use its glucose stores. My question is that in this interesting hypothithis??? lol, are the supposed gains worth the possible risks?

Thermogenics aren’t new… Side effects entail fatloss, provided an appropriate diet is paired with it.

One of the main things you need to do is stay hydrated to avoid headaches with some of them, the caffeine and other fat burning ingredients are going to drain your body of water giving you a leaner look so stay hydrated.

Yeah, they’re not new. I used to get dizzy in the beginning, then backed off the dose until my body adjusted. I piss a hell of a lot and have trouble sleeping if taken too late. I usually don’t take them past lunch unless I have a sedative on hand. Drink tons of water and start slow. Let your body tell you what the side effects will be.

I always start real low dosing if I haven’t been using for a while. SOmetimes I’ll actually take them after a meal even if the instructions say to take before simply to blunt the effects a little until my system adapts a bit.