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Side Effects of Steroid Use


Right everybody im trying to look at all aspects of body training but one area ive not looked into much is the use of steroids and so im writing to see if anyone has any side effects using steroids? Or general feedback to what changed with you be it mind or body.


Do your own research, or at least put this thread in the right fucking forum.


It got moved...


i heard they give you muscles


they make your dick shrink but they are really fun


I was told there would be a few guys who think there all that with little pricks. Hello


type in on google. Steroid side effects


Nope, the fact I think you are lazy, and generally ignorant is all natural dude.

This will be my last post in this thread as it's been moved, but feel free to come up with some more witty penis jokes, as I'm sure that is the extent of your ability to insult someone.


Wow Beans, I thought I was reading one of Brooks posts.


Look man i ask a simple question to get some real side effect stories on taking steroids not what the media states, your comments were a not constructive should i say but thats life.


Then ask someone who cares.
We aren't your mother, or some sort of public service.

If you really want to know, spend some time actually READING the forum and using the SEARCH function.

Your not going to get anything from such a lazy inquiry besides maybe the general "Go fuck yourself with a cactus", etc, etc.


Anabolics by William Llewellyn. If you care enough you'll buy it and read it.



cheers mate appreciate your help ill have a look, and nice photo of that chick.


And thankyou for your help.


Can anyone tell me the side effects of masturbation?


I also want to know the side effects of steroids. I was thinking of using google and type it in and get thousands of very informative search results but it was too much work for me to contemplate. I mean, once you start typing in the words steroids si... (the actual term steroids side effects pops up as a suggested search term that you could then click and not even have to type out the whole three words) but I was fearing that I may contract carpal tunnel syndrome from actually having to click on all of those relevant links and also I'm just way too lazy so I decided to annoy all of you here and have you be my personal search engine. Now answer my question dammit.


Wink, from now on, every time you post another sniping, off-topic, butt-hurt, completely irrelevant jab at Brook or Bill Roberts, or post of faulty or downright dangerous advice, I am reporting your post. So, pretty much every post of yours...

I encourage others to do the same.

If you don't have anything worthwhile to contribute you could contribute by keeping your noisy trap shut.


I put him on the ignore list the other day; but this is probably a better idea.


Dave are you canadian ( random I know )


Thats funny. You guys put so much effort into telling the guy to fuck off you could've answered him already.


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