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Side Effects of Rapid Weight Gain?

Coming into my freshman year at college 3 months ago I weighed 150 with about 8-9% bf. Currently I weigh 180 with about 11-12% bf and I am also 5’10’’. Before college I consistently lifted since my freshman year in high school; however, I never lifted legs… Once I got to college I began to lift my legs, and my legs now have stretch marks on them because they went from twigs to decent sized legs. I first want to say that the weight gain is not from excess partying. My daily intake consists of roughly 4500-5000 calories. I have put on a lot of mass, in addition to some fat, and I am happy with the way I look. Are there any potential side effects of gaining this much weight in such a short time?

Just that your cardiovascular system might not be keeping up. Not a major problem, but you’ll probably get winded quicker then next time you play basketball or something.

Crapping is a big side effect of gaining that mass, good job. I’d say add some cardio.