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Side Effects Of Meth: How Long?


Let me preface this message by stating that I think meth is the most horrible drug on the planet and have never had any desire to partake in it.

That said, last night I was venturing out of my element, hanging with a different crowd than usual when somebody whipped out the crank. I succumed to peer pressure, said WTF this one time and took a couple of hits. I don't know if it's just because I didn't get very much, but I was thoroughly unimpressed. I felt pretty wired but it was a far cry from the euphoria I'd heard about.

Unfortunately, the side effects seem to be more pronounced than the high. My appetite is absolutely killed and I haven't eaten over 24 hours. I also haven't slept in about 36 hours and at this point am not feeling the slightest sign of becoming tired. Right now I feel like I could stay up for a week.

Now I can force myself to eat obviously, but I really need to go the fuck to bed! Does anyone know how long I can expect this to last before the effects wear off?


Maybe you should go to an Emergency Room; there might be something that needs to be done with you to keep you from dropping dead.

On the other hand, if what you need to keep from dropping dead is to lie down and patiently wait for sleep to come, going to the Emergency Room is more likely to kill you.

Get in touch with a physician; tell him or her what you did; and ask whether you should go to a hospital's Emergency Room.

If you can't get in touch with a physician and nobody who knows the right answer responds to this thread, I am not sure what to tell you.

Don't ever do this crap again.


I think another couple of days at the most.

I have been an EMT for 3 years and drove an ambulance for two in the heart of meth country. DO NOT BE STUPID!! DON'T DO THIS AGAIN!! DO NOT HANG OUT WITH PEOPLE THAT ARE DOING METH!!!! You will fuck your life if you continue down this path.

I was involved with tweakers just about every time I went to work, and it was not pretty. This shit will get right on top of you and you will be a worthless tweaker who is an embarassment to your family. DO the right thing and don't hang out with the people doing meth, don't answer their phone calls, etc....

I hope you realize how badly you have fucked up.



You need to stay the FUCK away from that shit. I just "lost" a friend to it. He is physically still alive but not the same person in any way. He has lost everything in his life. Plus, the average meth junkie's life expectancy is only 6-7 years.

There are a lot of resources online that will tell you about meth. If you see the pics of all the ingredients found at meth labs, you'd never want to touch that shit again.


I don't know the answer to this but erowid.org tends to be a good place to get info on this stuff.


Peer pressure is a motha!

Stay the hell away from those people.


Thanks for the responses guys. I'm fully aware of the seriousness of the meth monster and also have a (former) friend whose life was destroyed by the drug. This was a one time thing, and I am not at all compelled to do it again. Yes I fucked up, regret it profoundly and feel like a dipshit.


I actually already looked on Erowid. The info is pretty generic, simply stating that insomnia and loss of appetite are common side effects.


I live in an Oklahoma town that lies on the I-35 corridor between Oklahoma City and Dallas and we have a horrible problem with Meth out here.

Where responsible marijuana use(and responsible cocaine use, to a lesser extent) is only dangerous because of the social stigma it carries, Meth is the fucking devil!

If you keep on it, you will be dead much sooner rather than later, but even before you're dead, you'll just be a hollow shell. You can't use this drug responsibly; it's just not possible. Do not try!

Not only will you yourself become a danger to your friends and family, the manufacturing of meth is a pretty dangerous enterprise in and of itself. Absolutely nothing good can come out of anybody using meth.

All those horror stories you heard about pot (that you later found out were fake) are 100% true with meth. If the end result of you taking meth is that you die and nobody else gets killed or maimed, then you came out pretty lucky.

Do not hang out with meth users, but beyond that you owe it to your community to turn those guys in to the cops. Between their houses burning down other homes from making meth or stealing or murdering their neighbors, meth users are tearing my town apart at the seams.

I cannot emphasize enough what a horrible, horrible drug it is.


Did you try bluelight.nu?



Has some decent info.


I've been in OK all but 6 years of my life. I remember hearing about "crank" back in the late 80's. Since that time it has become a HUGE problem in the state. You sure don't have to live in an inner city ghetto to become a junkie.


You seem to know what you have done. You have made one mistake but that does not make you a drug addict. Relax. The side effects will wear off. Don't beat yourself up about it anymore. Don't do it again and move on.


I used to be an addict. I have a few friends that have almost fully recovered and a lot that are life-ers. Their lives have been ruined, families ruined etc. It can be pretty devistating.

As far as your trip. You said you took a few hits and have been up for 36 hrs. Did you smoke it, or are you refering to the hits as lines....you didn't shoot up did you?

Anyways, it's not serious right now. This is your first time and you haven't become addicted. Your first time you can expect to be "up" for about 2-3 days on average. Some cases are shorter, some are longer. Think of the 2-3 days as a bell curve, like normal distribution.

You'll be fine. Force some food, drink lots of fluids, masterbate and eventually you'll pass out. It's all good man, don't trip out, you're just going to be up for a few days and lose a few pounds. You'll be fine as long as you don't keep doing it.

Didn't you start a thread earlier this week about quitting college to work? Don't do that, stay in college. A very small majority of college kids are addicts, but a larger percentage of kids that age are addicts of some type of drug and you can fall into it. I know, I've been there. I used to be an addict and now I'm a college graduate. Which one do you want to be?

Again, you'll be alright, just make smarter choices....this one won't hurt you, you get a free pass this time.


I smoked it, although I was unskilled at using the little pipe so my hits were rather pathetic compared to the others'


Yeah smoking it is a craft....unfortunatly. Just so you know, smoking (rocking the bowl) it is the worst for you for so many reasons. It is also the fastest way to get high, but doesn't last the longest compared to injection and snorting. So your high (being up, not sleeping) won't last on the longer portion of the 2-3 days that I mentioned earlier. You should come down soon.

Replenish your body for the next couple of days with food and plenty of water, as well as a multi vitamin. As long as you keep this meth thing to just this one time, you won't have any long term problems or addictions. Good luck!

Feel free to message me, I have tons of insight on this topic.


Yeah...next time maybe do a little research.


Ive done alot of meth. I dont like it very much, i find it pretty boring. I use it more to augment the long nights of mdma, or whatever. Ive seen alot of people destroyed by it, but its certainly not evil. Don't buy this "its the spawn of satan" gardbage. Its simply a drug. You can traverse the dose spectrum without too much damage done. The price will more be along the lines of sleep deprivation. Eat alot of food, drink alot of water. Avoid other stimulants. And try to get some sleep. Frequency of use will be what gets you.

It interfears with how your brain senses fatigue. So people naturally start to take more often when they loose energy. Hence how addiction builds. You guys get meth too cheap so your can do these week long binges. I might do 2 nights straight. Tops. If im away. But one night will take you around 5 days to get back to normal.

Dont panic. First time, your ok. Just leave atleast a few weeks before you do it again. Ive learnt to stay away from it myself, i personally have trouble putting it down.

These people who flip out (and i think they should be shot) have been up for days and days, and were sleep deprived to begin with. It makes them twitchy, paranoid, irratable and violent. This is partially the drugs fault. But primarily the users for using it in such a fashion.

Its not the drug, its the way people use it. Anyone who claims the drug destroyed their friends is full of shit, their friend was a moron to begin with. These people who think drug use is "free", it has a price and you have to be able to say no. Its that simple.


Kir Dog's got some good advice. Listen to him. I work with meth users very frequently and I'm just totally amazed of how this drug destroyes...Hell, it even blows up half a block from cookers who don't know how to cook.


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uhh huh.. Your statements fit together in a perfectly logical manner.