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Side Effects of Low Protein


So when is started working out I was consuming about 4000 to 6000 calories a day and getting almost 2 grams of protein per lb of weight. The results where amazing:

Huge increase in weight and strength exploded. Unfortunately I started to get fat fast and my waist was getting to almost 36 inches. (Note I have a small waist) About 28% bodyfat

So then after getting back to about 15% later on and more research under my belt I tried building muscle whilst cutting fat at the same time. Calories between 2000 and 2500 and protein about .4-.6 per lb of weight the results.

Steady increase in strength and slight loss in fat. Which now IMO I believe that most protein recommendations are over hyped.

Now due to choice in diet and food available I am unable to get more than .3g of protein per lb even though the calories I am having are roughly the same. The results

almost every time I'm working out I'm lifting less and less weight despite trying even harder which makes me believe that for working out, bodybuilding protein is about.....

.5 to 1 gram per lb of bodyweight any less and you won't see any gains and any more is just going to waste. ( Please feel free to argue this if you want)

I am currently losing muscle now so any tips on foods with protein that are not dairy or meat ?


Why the aversion to dairy and meat? Can you eat eggs? Fish?

I'm thinking the QUALITY of your protein sources may even be more important than the quantity. Veggies just don't match up.


Are you vegan?


Those numbers apply to YOUR BODY. That's all. Theres no reason to debate it since there SHOULD be 100 different opinions if 100 people make a post. Any two people sharing the exact same nutrition requirements is a purely due to coincidence.

A test done over a period of months or years on ONE PERSON says absolutely nothing about what a general group of peeople should expect.

Every person should do something like youve done. If more people learned how THEIR metabolisms function there would be a lot less threads along the lines of "rate my bulking/cutting/wheel-spinning diet".


lol @ vegans complaining about lack of protein choices. Um, that's the whole point of being a vegan (to turn out small-ish and weak-ish)


I'm definitely using this line in the future.


LOL. Getting in here to see what the legume's response to all this is...


me too.


A lot of gas, and little muscle.


Dude...that avatar makes it difficult for me to keep my frown on.

Some of us are trying to look serious over here.


I didn't even realize who it was at first! Then I did... and laughed pretty damn hard.

Well done, ID! haha


Yep...I suppose ill just have to get a protein powder or something but I don't like relying on supplements.


Lol your 100% correct I realise that now.

But I have done extensive research a realise being vegan is actually the healthiest diet to follow. I workout for health and looking better not to compete or anything. I had s blood test done and everything was perfect in regards to a vegan diet and my test levels had actually increased slightly.

But as far as gaining muscle and strength vegan is the worst thing you could do.

  • healthiest for me that is...not pushing my diet choice onto anyone.


Once again 100% agree.

(sorry about the Post I haven't learnt to multi quote yet)


But in your case protein powder isnt a supplement. It's not supplementing your protein intake as it is already very low. It needs to be a main part of your diet unless you want to eat a few dozen egg whites a day.

And Im almost certain a diet consisting of organic plants and free range/grass fed meat/fish is superior in every way to a vegan diet for a healthy adult, especially one that lifts weights. And it also allows you to eat food that tastes like its supposed to


I'm Definitely getting a protein powder I am amazed at the amount of strength lost when you are not getting enough protein. In 3 weeks I have almost lost 40% In some of my lifts.

Inadequate Protein is extremely detrimental to the body.

It's possible to be on a calorie deficit and make gains in strength but even with calories slightly above maintenance with low protein I am losing strength like crazy.


currently experiencing side effects of high protein intake........ cleared a car, room, and office all in one day with only gass from the ass.


Well, you guys can thank SteelyD for the avatar.


I would explain this strength loss by saying your body hasn't been satisfied in three weeks and said to hell with life I give up.

I recommend 500 cc of rare sirloin taken orally, stat!