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side effects of finasol

I recently finished a three week cycle of finasol and androsol and I am very happy with my size and strength gains. However, I experienced side of effects of either finasol or androsol or the combination of the two.(Although I had done two cycles of Androsol in the past with no noticable side effects.) While on the cycle, I noticed that I broke a sweat much earlier in my workout and sweated A LOT MORE than I normally would. I noticed an increase in my heart rate and anxiety level. I also noticed that I had to take a dump two and sometimes three times a day without making any changes in my diet. On the plus side, I got huge pumps, was hornier than ever, felt physically better than I had in a long time (no more aches and pains in my knee) and crossed that line from looking like an athlete to looking like a bodybuilder. I am planning on another cycle in three weeks and instead of using Androsol as the carrier, I’m going to use DMSO (of course, I will use Androsol also). After all that, here’s my question: Will the bolus of TA which occurs while using DMSO increase the severity of the side effects mentioned above? I can live with the sweating, but the more rapid heart rate caused me some concern.

I’m on Finasol as well, and I’ve never experienced any of that. I think you might be making a common mistake. Like for example, you do something new (finasol) then you have a problem (shitting more) and make the deductive leap that the drug and supp combo caused it. See what I mean? As for sweating, maybe since you were “on” you were training harder? Some people do that so they don’t “waste the drugs”. It’s almost unconscious. Then again, I’m not a roid expert, so maybe the roid part of the stack (fina/TA) can have these effects. Oh, I do break out a little more with Finasol, but nothing bad.

As for DMSO, I wouldn’t use it. Why bother? The alcohol mixture is just as good and you won’t get the demon breath that I’ve heard DMSO can cause.

I agree, DMSo will give you the worst case of dragon breath EVER. Just use it in Androsol/Nandrosol or 99% alcohol and spray it on. I just got off a cycle and was also hornier than i’ve ever been in my life. My girlfriend didn’t want me to get off the stuff (I have a pretty sexually cool girlfriend). It didn’t make me sweat, only MD6 makes me sweat for no good reason.

The steroid probably raised your blood pressure and that could have cause your side effects.