Side Effects of Anastrozole

My doctor took me off of TRT and put me on clomid mono therapy. Which i have been on for the past 3 months. He told me he wanted to do this because of my age. I am 29 yrs/old. ? The dossage that I was on the gave me these lab results is

25 mg clomid ED
Anastrozole .2 mg ED which is 1.4 mg a week
DHEA 25 mg twice a day

Based off of this regimen my symptoms were
Fatigue and feeling tired was the biggest problem. I could not even go a whole day with out taking a nap.
Barely any morning wood
A lot of brain fog
Watery semen
sometimes it would feel numb down there

Based off those symptoms any dosage here are my lab results

So after these results my doctor changed my A.I dosage. He changed it to .3 ED. I was on .2mg. With my new A.I dosage in one ween i take 2.1mg. And this is one of the best things thats happen it completely help me get rid of my fatigue. So I have good energy now and good brain function.

Now that my energy and brain function is good i now just need to figure out how to bring my body on this good path as well. Meaning im still having troubles with morning wood or just trying to sustain wood period. and the numbness that i feel down there sometimes.

Your E2 levels were fine. What level is your doctor targeting. You might feel worse.

The side effects of anastrozole are almost always indirect effects from E2 too low and that is a dosing problem not a side effect.

Your symptoms were not there when on TRT?

On TRT with 250iu hCG subq injections there is no risk to fertility and your change was probably not justified.

Some guys, not rare, react badly to clomid, others do great. Its a difference in how one’s body processes clomid. You should ask to switch to Nolvadex 20mg which never has those nasty effects.

Thyroid: Have you ever tested and posted oral body temperatures?

Yes that is what I thought as well that my E2 levels were fine but when he increase my dosage a little it took away all my fatigue. he said my ration of T did not mach my ratio if E2 so thats why he wanted to increase my dosage.

Do you think 2.1 mg is to high?

I want to switch to nolvadex but i don’t think he really is familiar with it so he stick with clomid because i did ask him already and that what he told me.

What do you think about my Thyroid levels
I will post my body temps in the next few days

One last question would you mite know where the watery semen and numbness would be coming from??? Have you ever heard of those symptoms??