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Side Effects of a Preworkout?

This is for anybody that uses, has used DVST8 Crimson pre workout. I was taking sims for an extended amount of time, took a few weeks off from them and scored a scoop from a buddy of mine. I felt great in the gym, a huge focus factor, energy, the whole 9. However, afterwards felt like shit, my focus was still pretty high, I just feel sick. Almost like a come down or when you lose your buzz from drinking. Anybody else have this affect from it? I know there isn’t and DMAA in it, as DMAA is in their white cut edition.

I guess my side effects are physiological things. I was laying in bed with a fan blowing on me to try to help cool down more after showing, the breeze felt like brushes rubbing against my skin. It was difficult to move for a bit, like my body just didn’t want to move what so ever. My arms were crossed over me, after a while it felt like, pressure on the tops of my fore arms, as if I was leaning against a wall on them. Lastly, my pupils were dialated(yes I was in a well lit room), but they were twitching very fast, like in and out.

Sounds like a bad trip.

yeah it literally does… it almost felt like one too. like no I’m not a sufferer of paranoia or anything like that, I do get drug tested being in the military but whatever, taking random supplements I know theres that potential. But yeah…

Here’s the label.

Thats a lot of caffeine in one shot if you aren’t expecting it.

I know, but I was taking 5150 prior to this which was I wanna say 550 mg

Nah. That is also listed at 400mg per dose.

None of this stuff is particularly special, other than getting you supped up on caffeine.(which I do like and appreciate, but not for $30.00/ 20 servings)

So, the google machine tells me that there is approximately 95mg. of caffeine in a cup of coffee. I make mine extra strength, so lets say 120 mg./cup.

One $7.99 can of Maxwell House Colombian Roast lasts me about a week so that is 84 cups/4( the listed pre workouts are 4x 1 cup). That equals 21 doses of pre workout.

You can just paypal me the money you save by drinking coffee.

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Bad sleep in the long run

I go for preworkout with less caffeine and more citrulline malate, beta alanine, bcaa, etc

Caffeine is more like the cheap filler in my opinion

Thats all fine and dandy, everybody has their preference, I was just given a scoop to sample from someone I work with. But, again, the point of this post is to see if anybody out there knows of any testing done on the product, if there is anything crazy in it that might make someone op on a drug test. Like I honestly felt like I had popped some pills… like I literally felt high afterwards like I was having a come down.

Probably not anything significant. I’ve googled up the ingredients and the only thing that stands out as having a less than marginal effect is the caffeine.

All of the other ingredients are of questionable efficacy and may have all together contributed to feeling funny, but thats about it.

It has its place. Lately I’ve been throwing down a cup of coffee mixed with a half scoop of protein and some corn starch.

Add a nice pinch of copenhagen just before hand and its Yipee! time.

thats all I could figure, maybe just the caffeine blend in it or something… but you never know whats In them either you know?

There could always be other things, but it’s not going to be anything that costs more than what is written on the label. If anything cheap products could be contamined with lead, mercury, etc

thats a good point! its like a typical looking brand…

wait protein … in your coffee? youmustve done a lot of experimenting to find a mix that tastes descent haha