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Side Effects from ZMA with Extra Magnesium?

So I’ve typically used ON ZMA, great product. A while back Amazon was out of stock, so I bought MetRx. Turns out MetRx uses cheap magnesium oxide. ON ZMA back in stock, I order it, lo and behold…now they’re using oxide, too as part of the magnesium! Ugh!

I bought some magnesium citrate today, I’m considering taking like 250mg on top of the ZMA (I take 4 pills not 3, always have). Any potential negative side effects aside from waking up to crap my brains out (which I do anyway)?

Varies a lot from person to person but can give some people nightmares/crazy dreams, so in turn will wake up less rested

My dreams are always something like a mushroom trip anyway haha so I will give it a shot.

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High dosages give me loose stools.

I love wild dreams

Yeah aha but personally i have more dream or
i remember them more with glycine than zma