Side Effects from Too Much Adex? Test Flu?

My Tnation search feature still aint working. Can you get negative sides from adex,eg muscle/joint stiffnesss, lethargy?

Just wondering if its the adex .05mg/day, or can test flu kick in on week 4-5 of a test cycle? Thanks.

Blood work would tell you if it’s adex.

I’m guessing you meant to put .5 mg of adex.

lowering E too much can cause the symptoms you describe

Not sure about Adex but even the smallest amounts of Letrozole wipe me out for literally days. And I am tallking 0.1 mg Letro every other day.

Yep .5mg of adex.
Thanks guys. For the moment I will try a week of 0.25mg/day, see how I feel, see if any nipple sensitivity returns. 0.25/day seemed to reduce it to virtually nothing, 0.5 absolutely nothing.

I actually started my test cycle on .25 e3d concerned about the sides of low E now on week5 running .5eod but pretty sure could go back or just use .25eod…haven’t had any negative sides yet and I would know as I have sore joints already! they are actually better lifting more often and heavier and not as sore!

Test flu will usually happen within the first week of going on. It’s your adex. Did the same thing to me.