Side Effects from Long-Term HGH Use?

@thehebrewhero Can you please tell me, did HGH enlarge your nose, lips or anything else?

I have to use it for another condition but i don’t want to change or distort my face, it is ok the way it is.

11 years of HGH usage sounds a lot, i wonder what was your experience regarding facial features.

Nothing like that. I take low dose 2-4 iu 5 days a week
Usually at night or in morning. Never had an issue. Not always consistent sometimes I forget go a few days or weeks without it.

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If taken in moderate dosages, there are no long term side effect that we know of.
Replacement dose REPLACES what you could have naturally therefore there cant be any sides that wouldnt be there naturally.

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So, no nose growth or something like that? Did your nose get any bigger over the years with HGH? Thanks.

I also heard from a guy that he grew 5cm’s in height with high dosages of HGH, from SPINE. He was not young so his growth plates were fused. Is that even possible? Did your height increase?

Dude its all bullshit, man. People hear “growth” in “Growth Hormone” and they make a fuss out of it. GH doesnt grow shit(no muscle, no bone, no nothing) unless taken in super high dosages.
Natural IGF levels(the ones that make shit grow) are 70-350… My natural ones were 70, but on 2iu of GH a day mine are 130. So still - not even HALF of what most people can have naturally.

You need to take 10-20iu a day for 10 years for shit to happen. 2-4iu a day is just a healthy replacement dosage which should just help you recover, feel better and hopefully expand the longevity.
There are people who report much higher GH and IGF levels on shit like MK677. Growth Hormone just sounds scary cuz there is “growth” in the name. When you actually look at it - it doesnt grow shit. It should be just called “Refreshening Hormone”.

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I did have growth of my hands. I had to get my ring increased two sizes this year, even while cutting. That’s after 11 years with the same size. This happened with 2-2.5iu/day for about a year. A few other regulars on here had similar experiences. Looking at pictures, my face does look different this year vs last, could be nose but I have no way of measuring like I do my hands. I do also have some gut distention. If I flex I can see all my abs and they are strong, but I do have to suck it in. HGH is non-selective, it will cause anything that is still capable of growth in adults to grow, but no I don’t think you’ll gain height as you stated, growth plates have fused, and there is no mechanism for the spine to elongate.


I am on 4iu EOD. I have also taken higher doses like 3iu a day and up to 6iu EOD, etc. Also almost a year now - i haven experienced anything of that sort.
Its not the GH which grows shit, its the IGF as far as i know. GH raises IGF. Its just that mine is very low all my life and even on GH its still less than most people naturally.

@dptfit So your face looks different but you are not sure why? Could be the nose growth or something? Maybe it was just fat gain, did you gain any weight since last year?

@hankthetank89 May i ask your height? Also, you are sure your nose didn’t get ‘‘fatter’’ or bigger at all with HGH right?

Im 6’2…
If something got fatter its because i am bulking and getting fatter in general. HGH tends to hold some water so your face might seem rounder because of the bloat but same happens with everything you do to bulk…
Anyways, i am sure my face hasnt changed. And i dont feel that i would have larger fingers or bones in general.

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I lost fat since using HGH. I also introduced it not long after adding testosterone which can impact as well.

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Dammit… Unfair

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One more thing, did HGH give you bigger cheekbones? That’s something i would like to have and actually, my Endocrinologist Dr. said that it would enlarge my cheekbones, im still 22 years old.
But he didn’t say about what dosage and the duration for that phenomenon.


From the front profile view, the cheekbones create a protrusion and a ‘‘S’’ shape on the vertical, mandible area on the side contours of the face (between below the eyes and chin), if it is big enough. Anyone noticed this here? Thanks.

Not that I have noticed. What is the other condition you have to use HGH for? Everything you are asking about is a real side effect, these all can happen.

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I think if you’re looking at HGH to change your features into those of a supermodel, you’re going to be disappointed.


Oh no, i was just curious im gonna use HGH for my health issues.

And why though? Because it didn’t affect features for you?

My Dr. told me that it can increase zygomatic bones.

You can’t chose how your features are affected, there is plastic surgery for that. HGH/IGF affect hands, feet, and face of adults. Non selective. Hopefully if you are looking for something you get it, but it may not be what you are expecting. I would say my cheek bones are a tad more prominent but so is my nose, I’m sure you’re not looking for that. Hands and feet yes. I put shoes on the other day I haven’t worn in a while and they were tight. Thought it was a fluke, tried another pair and same thing, they became wider. Concentrate on this for your health if that is what you are using it for. If this is an excuse to get HGH for bone growth/cosmetic reasons, abort mission.


Thanks! Well yeah i don’t want my face to distort. Thanks for the advice, i embrace myself. I still have to use it, like 4iu eod for my disease.

Just curious though, now you are saying that your nose looks different? Are you sure? And your cheekbones did get a tad bigger?
Also did your shoe size really increase? Like around 1number more? Wow.

All that with 2iu HGH everyday for a year?

Wider yes. If you absolutely need it, without me asking as to your disease process, don’t worry about these things, they are are real yet not life altering.

I dont really understand the OP…
Either you have a disease that needs GH, or you dont… If you need it, what does it matter what sides there MIGHT be? No one cares about your face if you die, you know.

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Well, actually it is a bit optional. HGH can help me with my symptoms and cells. But it is not truly needed.

So i was kinda anxious for its side effects. I don’t want to get a fatter\ wider nose because of it.

I assume you are pretty positive your nose etc. didn’t change like dptfit.

By the way i actually did use HGH last year. Genotropin 2- 3 iu eod for a month. I personally didn’t notice any changes but im not sure, i didn’t monitor my nose closely…