Side Effects from General Stress or High E2?

Morning fellas,

As some of you know, my first blood work came back with a T level of 1276 with my E2 being 45(42 being the high end). Despite my E2 being high by 3 points I felt really really good so I was told by my doctor and most of you to pay no mind too it. Last week, Friday-Sunday I felt amazing and my Libido was borderline out of control. Suddenly, Monday I hit a huge wall.
This week has been a relatively bad one. I have been kinda moody since Monday and I have felt pretty tired as well. I hurt my back pretty bad at the gym last Wednesday so I have been trying to rest it, I have been mainly couch bound and in some pain, I was able to go do some light cardio yesterday though, which is a plus.

I also have recently ran into a bunch of family drama with my own family and my girl’s family which has been weighing on my mind. I didn’t sleep good last night at all and predictably I don’t feel all that great today. My libido this week has been there, but not as strong as it normally is. I still have had sex at least once or twice a day with my girl. I haven’t changed doses, still taking 100mg of Test C per week and I have remained religious to my shot schedule. Does this sound to you guys like stress weighing me down on top of my physical injury? Or could my E2 be going too high? I have been on this dose now for 5 months, will my E2 stay at the level it was at(45) or can it keep climbing higher? I got my labs done 2 days after my shot and my labs were done 4 weeks ago. Anyway, I feel paranoid about it but I just wanted to ask you guys, you would know better than me. Thanks fellas.

That is what I was thinking as I read you post.

It can, but not likely that it is significant enough to cause any difficulty. I’d ride it out for now.

That’s kind of my plan for now. Do you have any experience with DIM? My hormone dude told me I could take DIM to kind of keep E2 at bay. He doesn’t want to put me on an AI and I don’t wanna go on one either. Have you ever used it or know anyone who has?

I have not, but I know some who have and they reported good results. It’s a far better option than an aromatase inhibitor.

You can always try a trial run of an ai like anastrazole and see how you feel. Something lose dose. Maybe 1/4mg twice a week. Doesn’t take long until you would feel a difference.

I’m not sure of anything that you may be currently using, but as you are having stress in your life right now, theanine, magnesium and ashwagwanda are some supplements that come to mind that are believed to help you manage stress and anxiety.

Eh, I have heard bad things about AI’s. That and I am not sure that I need anything for E2 control. I might try DIM, but I am not sure if this off week is more due to life stress than anything. If that makes sense.

This is not even close to being too high at that Test level.

This is likely the issue.

There is nothing physically wrong if this is happening.

Go read my post about bloodwork and no AI

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When I don’t get 8 hrs of sleep then I get zero effects from TRT. If I get 8 hrs of good sleep I feel like superman but if I get say 5 hrs or I get 8 hrs but shitty sleep from stress then I feel about the same as pre-trt. Sleep is a major factor for me and that wasn’t totally apparent at first because I was so used to getting by with 6 hrs. In very stressful situations good sleep can be out of your control but it’s important to realize the effect it has on you.


Thanks brother. I appreciate the honest feedback. This is the first time I have been kinda run down since being on TRT. I have had a really great response too it, so I think maybe I have been overthinking it. Like I said, dealing my physical injury and this family stress and drama has kind of zapped me. I was just paranoid I was wrong.

I feel you bro, when I work I have to get up at 4am and I usually get about 6 hours of sleep on those nights because I do 12’s. I definitely can tell the difference physically from when I am home getting 8 hours or so. I still can function sexually if my girl is home and she starts in on me, but I feel physical wore out.

I’m basically a walking hard-on and even sometimes when shit isn’t working right for whatever reason, things just don’t happen. But if you’re still getting erections and especially morning erections or during dreams, you’re fine brother.

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Yeah morning erections are still there and going strong. Like I said im just paranoid about estrogen. I feel really good and I don’t want it to get messed up. If that makes sense and I wanna make sure I handle anything that is out of norm.

Your once weekly protocol may be causing large peaks in TT and E2, you may need to break up your shots twice weekly and reduce the dosage a little. You should be testing the free portion of testosterone.

If FT is above range, this would might be causing excess E2 conversion. It might not be the levels at all, it might by the peaks, the surge in androgens that are just too big for you to handle.

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I was thinking of splitting them depending on how the next couple weeks go. My TT was 1276 with my Free T being 124 I believe systemlord. Remember though I am one of those high SGHB guys. It went down to 64 on this last round of blood work though. The Free T ranges from 20-200 or so I wanna say. So at 124 I am basically in the middle of the pack.

Then don’t lower the dosage, splitting the dosage into 2x will actually increase your trough FT levels and should lower estrogen as well.

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so are you suggesting I split? 50mg once every 3.5 days? That’s kinda what I was thinking. I remember you and I having a discussion about this. Yeah I have no intent of lowering the dose and I told my doctor that. my TT is high but my FT is in the middle because of my SGHB.

Yes, this will see FT levels higher at trough and estrogen lower. Your TT is irrelevant, FT is the stuff that truly matters affecting every tissue in your body. If your doctor doesn’t understand this, it may be time for one who does.

The guidelines state to keep TT in range, it mentions nothing about FT, so if a guy has very high SHBG, they will be keeping him in a hypogonadal state. I once remember a guy with a natural TT 1995 ng/dL, an SHBG of 246 and never to date have seen such low FT levels.

His doctor kept telling him his levels were more than fine.

Sounds like a plan, my doc is actually kinda cool. He lets me kinda do my own thing and lets me have a huge input on my medication schedule. He was even cool if I wanted to split the doses eventually. So like I said, I will see how these next couple weeks go.

Make sure you give each protocol 6-8 weeks minimum.

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