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Side Effects from 10mg Oxandrolone 2 Weeks On/2 Weeks Off?

Hi guys, the goal here is not bodybuilding, but have a little help with shape recovery.

Unless you are a female there is no reason to use 10mg of oxandrolone. The benefits will be practically zero and the two on/two off plan will result in some weird swings in hormones. You’d get more out of just eating better and working harder. The only low dose, long term approach that we know works is the East German model, which was year long use of tbol at very low doses. I…would not recommend that.

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If you’re having insulin resistance you might be better off just trying to add metformin to your daily life.

As far as how long it takes to rebound test levels after the program you laid out, the answer is something to the effect of “nobody knows”. Your body will respond differently than the next guy. But if you’ve already got low free t it would be hard to imagine running oxandrolone—even at that low dose—would be doing you any favors.

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I don’t recommend running it the way the East Germans did it. The molecule itself is great.

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