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Side Effect Help Please


I am new to taking T and I am experiencing a problem with my legs after injecting. My legs get so tight that it becomes significantly harder to walk. I can withstand a lot of pain and I'm no pussy, but this doesn't seem right. I talked to many of my buddies who do this, and I have combed through forums for about 2 months before I finally just now started on the 1st. I use 1cc insulin needles 29 gauge, I'm in the right site and I've done one injection in each leg since the 1st. I sterilize the site each time before. The program I had talked about with my buddy consists of 1cc of T every other day, I thought for a beginner that was too much. So I planned on doing 1cc a week till my body was used to it.

He also gave me 2 other things to use; called "Tren" and "400" which I have not used nor will I because he lacked sufficient information about either one. I'm not looking for anyone to tell me a plan to do or walk me through this from scratch. I can read and research on my own. However, I am not finding the answers I need concerning why I can barely walk. That is what I am looking for, please. Thanks for your time whoever reads this.


First of all, don't inject in the quads or hamstring muscles. Calves, glutes, shoulders, chest, lats all work great for me


I injected test a few times in my quads and had similar results. Try your glutes. Theyre very forgiving.


I inject my Quads every week just saying there is nothing wrong with it. What dose and ester are you pinning? Betting you don't know. But on the suggestion of every other day imma guess Prop which is why your most likely in pain. The quads are fine to pin but, prop can hurt quite a bit espeacily in the quads and even more so in a first time user.


Ok I will. Thank you for that. Where more specifically in the glutes has worked for you guys? Anything I can do for the side effect? Can't exactly afford to not be mobile. At least sex isn't out of the question, then I'd really be panicking.


Yes! It is Prop. I don't want to sound like a whining newbie as I'm sure there are many of those on this site, but I don't have good help here in person. I can post pics so no one thinks I'm a fatso or that I'm not in shape because I am. This information is very irrelevant and honestly I'm sure no one cares, but I run my miles in the 4:40s, I'm 24, military for 5 years, and am now pretty much a family man. Saying all that to say this, I've known a lot of cardio in my life and it's been hard for me to put on muscle. I want to get to 185-190. I have no shame in admitting if I'm wrong in anything so please don't be shy to point something out. I'm here as a friend who needs advice so I can train and use extra supplements safely. I've been reading some of the articels and forums the last few days, holy shit it's a lot of info. Has been extremely helpful.


First of all, don't inject in the quads or hamstring muscles. Calves, glutes, shoulders, chest, lats all work great for me


Quads can be brutal...sloppy needle work could maybe make it worse. Are you using BA with the injections?

I'll likely get flamed for this but frankly I tried conventional pinning with Test Prop and soon went to SubQ which worked like a charm with no issues whatsoever. Just gotta keep the injection volume per site low but even having to do multiple sites per injection aren't an issue because you aren't getting the same kind of tissue damage as with intramuscular. Just my 2 cents.


I love pinning quads. Get barely any pain there nowadays even pinning 2.5cc in one spot. Try out delts, i found them pretty good doing low amounts (0.5- 1.5cc).


What length of needle are you using


I'll have to try a different site it sounds like. Even 0.25cc caused me issues. I'm using 1/2 needles. I'm sorry for not being familiar with all the acronyms but what is BA?


Depending on how lean you are you might not be getting the oil into the muscle. Try 1" and see if that helps


I had crippling pain my first quad pin too it almost turned me off from doing quads again but a couple fellas on here gave me some top advice and i kept doing quads and i went from a 23g to a 25g pin, that helped! and i also slowed down the injection and the rate i pushed plunger down that helped too! also i have found that if i do some walking or jogging after i pin i normal don't get any pain at all, maybe it has something to do with flushing heaps of blood through them? i dunno but it helped me. i do quad only pins now its just easy and convenient


lol are you taking the piss? chest and lats? wouldnt that hurt like hell? i mean surely its gota hurt more then quads?


Ok I'll try the 1 in. Thank you all for input. I'm pretty lean lol.


I've had close to the same problem, use a 22G 1.25" or 1.5" depending on how much fat you carry, insulin is way too thin, deffinately shoot ventragluteal instead