Side Bridging and Planks?

I was wondering how long should these movements be held in your opinion. Currently I hold each for 60 seconds at a time for 3 sets and that seems to be working alright.

Anyone have a different opinion on how long to hold these movements for or whatever else works for you.

Its impossible to give a general advice because there are so many different factors to consider (weight, height etc).

Generally you should do these till failure, which means until you cannot do them with perfect form.

I would recommend doing them directly AFTER a regular Ab workout (e.g. weighted crunshes, reverse crunshes, leg raises) because over time you will be able to hold it easily for 180+ seconds and without pre-fatiguing the workout will take much too long

Bill Hartmann advises:
front bridge 120 sec
side bridge 90 sec
isometric back extension 120 sec

This is basic core strength to be able to handle external loading. If you reach these values, make exercises harder (use weight, etc.), but it’s important that you have this level of muscle endurance.

you can add a plate to your ass too.

You can start lifting one leg off the ground as well.

I prefer up to 60sec if I can do it to that point easily I increase weight. I just lose patiences after 60secs.