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Side Bend Execution


When holding a DB in one hand, do you bend to the opposite side?

Which side are you working, the DB side or the opposite?


One of my favorite ab movements. If you are holding the dumbell in the right hand you are working the left side. You also lean to the left side. Try to keep constant tension on the oblique as you go down and up


IDK man, that way only gives one a 3-4" ROM. I've always held the DB in the right hand and bend to the right till the Db is way below the knee and then stand back up with it- then go over to the left an equal distance.

EDIT: here's a video from TPS, AKA Murph from Elite fts.


One of my favorites too! It seems to keep my QL and SI healthy. I go down as far as a I can without twisting.


Personally I think they're a pretty silly exercise, but who knows, maybe someday I'll think differently.


Lol that's exactly how i do it


ha, I read your comment as leaning to the left only. You made no mention to leaning right first. you're prolly like me and think faster then you type.

Hey, for those who like side bends or even those who think they aren't worth doing, Landmines are great too and beat up the obliques arguably better than the side bends.If you've never tried them give em a shot.