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SicTorn's Rack Pull PR


I'm very pumped right now. Just got back from the gym where I was lifting with a good friend. He has a very impressive rack pull and pushed me to increase mine. I kept adding weight slowly and finally maxed at 285. I feel like I could have done more but I tweaked my shoulder a little on the last pull so I stopped. Very happy with myself regardless.


Awesome, great job. Lots of ladies doing good things today! Now can we get a pic? (JK) :wink:


Sic, great job!

Sorry to hear about the twinge, but I'm sure if you take it easy for a few days or a week you'll be making new PR's.

I'd flirt shamelessly with you, but you didn't post a posterior shot of you doing this lift...

Oh heck, why let that stop me!

Next time you are in Canada, we can go try for rack pull PR's. :stuck_out_tongue:


GOOD JOB GIRL! That's impressive!


Excellent! Take care of those shoulders though. I've got a bad one I've had to deal with for 15 years.

Keep at it girlie.




We'll be needing some pics from you as well Gojira, preferably like the one in the argument thread! :wink:


That's awesome!

It's posts like this that keep my wife and I motivated, and loving this site.

Great work!


Thanks for your support guys. :slight_smile:

I will be babying my shoulder until I can start turning my head to the right again.

Luckily my next heavy lift day is a lower body day. I just started CT's Pillars of Strength routine and have been hobbling around for the past week or so. :slight_smile:


Which argument thread? LOL! I've been leaving a path of destruction through several of them!
But let's not highjack SicTorns thread. She put out some great effort there and deserves all the kudos she can get.


Thats same thing i do, I start with 275, go up to 295, but seem to tweak my shoulder when i get to 315, have you tried the 3 second pause at the top of the movement made me drop down to 255 for 3 sets of eight, on thibideaus program was such a great feeling very good job sic, keep up the good work


Congrats on the great pull!
Lifting with stronger people is a great motivator, ain't it?


Very impressive, SicTorn! Keep up the good work, but make sure to take care of that shoulder.


or was that the "YOUNG STUNNA'S"


Good work keep it up


Cool. How much of a PR is it, and from what position?

And, if we may ask, what his his? :slight_smile:



Previous to this effort, I was pulling a max of 195 on rack pulls. Apparently I was underestimating myself. Position was several inches below the knees.



I have shared yours and jilypops pics
and progress blogs with the girls I work with. you have motivated many to get in the gym and lift heavy stuff.


YAY!!! Good for you!! :smiley:


That is a really great feeling to know that our own hard work and dedication is motivating other women to lift. Thanks so much for sharing that. :slight_smile: