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Ok, I can feel I am getting sick - pain near kidneys, sore throat, weak muscles. I know we’ve all been sick, and that’s why I’m asking for help. Do you train a little while sick, or take that time off? I just feel real lethargic and like a wussy.

Goldberg - I know you were just sick, but I’m not shitting like you were. Did you do any tricks to get it to go away?

Anybody got any special remedies for getting better quicker?

Do a search for “baking soda” and read the thread.

(This is the cue for DocT to log on and tell me I’m full of shit. LOL.)

Everybody’s different. If all I have is a sore throat or headache…and just ‘feel weak’ (which = LAZY)…I try to push myself to go to the gym. That workout would be less intense than regular. But, if I have a fever, I do not think it would be a good idea to work out.

People talk about ‘sweating out’ a cold…but I was brought up with that being a bad idea. As in more risk to benefit ratio going on there. Hope you feel better! Do what your body tells you to :slight_smile:

Are you kidding me? Baking soda for changing the pH of your body to rid yourself of sickness? Never heard that one before, but hey, it might work.

Don’t listen to char-dawg. He’s full of shit. :wink:

the only thing that really helped me was time. sorry