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Sickness Cycle


Everytime for the past 6 - 10 months I have been getting sick 2 weeks after training.

Let me rewind. I started noticing I was catching every damn cold/flu/strep on the planet. So I decided to give my body a break for about a month. Let the body heal eat good etc. My body responded my mood was ok. Loss some weight/strength. It was to be expected.

Every time I start back at it I get sick with some damn cold or flu. The rule I use is if I get a bad cold/flu I stop training when it becomes a fever aches pains etc. I wait to train again.. And the cycle repeats in another 2 weeks.

I don't get it ... is there something I am missing?


Let me update this a bit

Training is all compounds. 3 times in 7 days. I normally lift as heavy as I can but to try and get back into it I lightened the load. Just to get the ligaments back into the swing of things.

I sleep 7 hours a night.

I don't drink or do drugs or smoke.

I take no supplements.

I eat 4 square meals a day.

I am 36 ... 5'11 211-currently.


Okay have you had any routine blood work done? I know you are in Canada so I am very unfamiliar with your health care system. But when was the last time you had a physical, CBC, CMP, chest x-ray etc?


I never had a physical per say. Lots of exams from the Dr and blood work done for fatigue. I did score low on the testosterone scale and was give TEST but it made psyco. So I could not take it. Believe it or not some people can't take that shit.

I was thinking maybe adding supplements into my diet. Vitamins etc ..I am not a big fan of protein shakes, I like to get it from my food.


There are other conditions besides low Test that was not even crossing my mind.

I have done medicine for 20 years, its the internet so hard to make an e-diagnosis.

When was the last time you had blood work? Year ago, months ago? Especially when was the last time you had a CBC?


Keep taking it easy on the weights. Sounds like recovery is the issue.

What do you mean by compounds? Like squat, bench,deads,ohp press etc...all in same day heavy? Like a full body routine?

What type of work do you do?


Blood work was done about a year ago. A full panel of work was done.


Umm one major mover IE Dead lifts 3x10, Then Rows to go with it 3x10. And some minor DB work to finish.


Not trying to scare you but you could have something going on with your immune system, thus the issues with repetitive viral infections.

My advice would be to go in for an annual physical on your birthday month, get started now by just going in.

NOT everything is related to working out. First rule out the serious bad shit.

Then Fisch and I can work on your other stuff.


Sounds like good advice... I was thinking it is immune system related. I am scared to almost go in but I will.


You used to post on here a lot didnt you? Keep us posted.


Yeah I would post all the time. More and more the younger visitors to the site started to discourage me from posting or reading for that matter. Nothing against them just nothing to say to them.

But it could be sleep related too. Everyone tells me I snore like no tomorrow. And I always wake up through the night. They tried to get me into a sleep study but if you can't sleep cause someone is watching you then there is no use. I should try it again, I would bet lots of money that I have apnea and need a mask.

But I will keep you guys posted...


Well just FYI the over 35 is about life, being an adult and talking to other like minded people. You have a lot to relate to this group. Plus you had a sense of humor that I enjoyed.


Thanks that means a lot :smiley:


FYI 3x10 of Deadlifts make me feel like Shit as well. Do same weight and reverse it ie: 10x3 -same total tonnage moved a lot less strain on your recovery.

Listen to Derek and get your physical/bloodwork done. Get your nose/septum area looked at as well.

Another thought-- you drink enough water? Like a min of a gallon a day?

And what do you do again for a job?


to echo Derek, go get a check up

I was suffering repeat sinus infections, like every 3-6 weeks, finally went into an ENT and he determined that I have a septum like an accordian, due to a few too many untreated broken noses when I was younger. Treated now, surgery to come.


Hmmm 3 reps and 10 sets. Wow I could do that. It would alot easier LOL
I drink only water all the time. I piss all the time. LOL Nice and clear and no problems

My Job is in IT ..Internetworking Technology Specialist .. I am a professional computer nerd.


to echo everyone else-

get your basic shit checked out.

can I ask if you have more stress then usual-

everyone has stress, kids, family work etc

has something changed in a similar timeline?

workload, bills mortgage - family drama

stress & health go hand in hand sometimes


I had my nose pounded on a bit from doing martial arts as a teen and early adult. But it was only broke once. I will have the Doc check it anyways. She is the best Dr I have ever had.


Nothing out of the ordinary... normal life ..job kid ..I don't have a wife or gf living with me.