Sickness After Training

Everytime i work out hard i feel sick to my stomach, like i am going to throw up. I have not gotten sick yet but i would if i did not concentrait real hard about not getting sick. I drink plenty of water and i eat two hours before i train and it is not a big meal. I take little to no rest in between sets and do a full body workout.

I am thinking that i am not giving my body enough time to process the amount of lactic acid that is building up. Does this happen to anybody else and is there a supplement that i can take to counter the amount of lactic acid build up.


Man up.

Drink less water.

Throwing up doesn’t mean you are ill, it means you are working out hard enough.

Lactic acid has nothing to do with your “problem”.

Exactly how new are you to ‘bodybuilding’?

[quote]chiefmarsh wrote:
I take little to no rest in between sets and do a full body workout.


Why would you expect to not get sick with no rest between sets?

When I first started doing deadlifts, I put it at the first of an upper body workout, I threw up about 30 minutes after the workout.

Now deadlifts get their own special day all by themselves.

take 20-30 seconds in between sets, see if that helps ?

it has always helped me to 1)not train with a lot of food in my stomach and 2) drink simple carbs if i feel like im going to puke after a workout.

A lot of people feel nausea when they work hard. Not knowing your goals, I can only suggest resting between sets; sipping water, not guzzling; and that you stop looking for supplements to solve each problem you face in the gym.